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Happy Anniversary Yummy Chori!

It's been an INCREDIBLE year! We have made some amazing Parrilladas all across South Florida and came out with new frineds after each and every one. We want to thank all of our FANS on Facebook and around the United States, Brazil, Europe and Argentina for allowing us to do what we do best!

It's been so much fun working at some great festivals. The most exciting one this year was by far #ultramusicfestival. Man, that was a trip! It was just excilirating and crazy all at once! Look for our Blog Post all about ULTRA Music Festival, with some photos and stories! We also loved OKTOBERFEST, It was great to see people lined up for our Argentine Grilled Deliciousness paired up with a good cold beer! Blues Festivals,Concerts and Art fairs, all great fun events where we met many of you and enjoyed watching you taste the food we prepare with love and pride!

This has been a great year in deed and we are keeping it HOT for year 2! Look out for some new exciting new things, products and gear! See you at your own private party or at the next big social gathering in town!

Want to talk to us about coming to you… Call us 954-790-2798 or

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