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Ultra Music Festival is an annual outdoor electronic music festival that occurs in March in the city of Miami, Florida, United States. The festival coincides with the annual Winter Music Conference, also held in Miami.

Yummy Chori was one of the food vendors this year and what an experience it was! Three days of raving and dancing modern day hippies enjoying the full experience of being yung and free. Our Food was very well recieved and after day 2 young ravers were lining up again to try the best Chroipanes in town, sink their teeth into the Steak Sandwich, slathered in delicious chimichurri, or enyoy our signature succulent "Gaucho Salad" The music was loud, the poeple were colorful and the food wa hot off the grill!

We met tons of people from all over the world: Germany, Autralia, England, Mexico, Japan, and our COMPADRES from Argentina. These young "Argentos" were the ultima test for our food. Were we going to be able to stand the test of the real Argentino... can we be as Authentic as we claim to be? OH YES! The Argentines were going crazy with the choripan, the chimichurri and the empanadas! They could not belive that only 2 days after leaving their home towns in Argentina they were at #ULTRA eating better than they do at home!

Organizers and DJ's also enjoyed the healthier option of food we were serving compared to all of the "FAIR" type of food vendors that are usually lined up at these venues. " You saved me" said one of our customers, a manager for the Beverage Co on site. " I normally consume pizza and corn dogs for 3 days when working these events, I am so glad you are here!"

We even had one of the greates DJ's come by and enjoy our Gaucho Salad, chicken, chorizo and steak, chopped over a bed of shredded lettuce topped with chimichurri and salsa criolla... YUMMMM!!


Our Colorfull Customers Ordering Choripanes ans Steak Sandwiched until we RAN OUT!!


Stacey and Jorge Lorea, Owners. in front of the MEGA STAGE!


Argentinos at ULTRA!




The Yummy Girls! Rocked the Event!

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